The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

Peter Drucker


Ohanatec Pte. Ltd. is based in Singapore, one the world’s fastest growing economy as well as leading financial centre.
Our mission is to support Small to Medium Enterprises in their domestic as well as international ambitions, both commercially and financially.

Medium to long term financing is provided to strengthen the capital/equity and financial structure of companies in our portfolio.

Ohanatec is the active partner for substantial growth and can provide strategic planning, to reach ambitious targets for Business results, expansion plans and managerial culture. All resulting in positive impact also on the company’s local environment.


Ohantec Pte. Ltd. is an independent, fully private Company focused on bilateral investments and financial services to European and South Eastern Asia operations.


The main trends which make this region particulary interesting include a young and energetic demographic, the emergence and growing confidence of its middle class, vast growth potential of developing markets, and rapid adoption of disruptive technologies.

We are committed to investing in companies and supporting entrepreneurs that are poised to capitalize on these trends to become the key players and champions accelerating Asia’s growth and transformation.


Through our experience we offer SMEs a dedicated service to:

  • Support the economies in the fastest growing areas of South Eastern Asia through financial participation and semi equity financing from private companies

  • Attract capital in South Eastern Asia paving the way to co-investment and partnerships with locally already well established operations.

  • Promote investment and managerial culture and techniques also connecting with the scientific and economic communities through events and symposia to introduce all new trends and achievements which might lead to development and innovation.


We typically invest in Small to Medium Enterprises in their domestic as well as international ambitions, both commercially and financially, and we are open to both leading and co-investing with other value-add investors.

We are also committed to continue investing into our portfolio for follow-on rounds, either leading or participating meaningfully.

We believe in engaging to work with entrepreneurs and, providing valuable insights and experience to help propel the growth of their business.

We Finance Growth, we Build Visions. We are the Future of South Asian Business.


Ohanatec Pte. Ltd. Singapore invests in Small to Medium Enterprises in their domestic as well as international ambitions, supporting them both commercially and financially and helping high-growth start-ups seeking their first round of private Company funding across Asia - with a focus on Singapore – and Europe.

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